GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too

+1. Still searching but nothing so far.

unlimited cloud storage space is quite expensive with Google Workspace...

Well if 17€/month is expensive, stop piracy and subscribe to Hulu, Netflix, Prime, D+, APLtv, OCS and co. I think you might then have another view about all of this.

You are joking, right? Just so we have a number, let's say I need 25TB. With Google Workspace current pricing[1] that would mean the cheapest Workspace option would be Business Plus, costing 25/5= 5 *18= u$90 per month.

To mention just one, Lima Labs[2] sells the same space as one of their "Medium Blocks" for just $55/month.

And even that would be a lot more than buying a couple of 14TB external HDDs and having them attached at a friend's home at his machine, which in less than a year would cost even less.

Perhaps you got some kind of "sweet deal" from Google on their plain Enterprise plan (the highest one now available)? Pray tell us.

-- Durval.

[1] Google Workspace (formerly G Suite): Pricing plans
[2] Pricing - Lima Labs Storage

17/€ month is not expensive... but I do not see that price available, maybe you can point me in the right direction.
For your information: I have family subscription for Netflix, Prime and D+, most the data I store in the cloud are HD videos that my wife records, edits, publishes and owns every right about.
Do I have there also some copirighted content? Sure, but that is less than 1% of the storage space i consume.

It's not up to me to read back this thread to give you answers...

Sign for or migrate to any plan you want, then, in your Workspace account migrate to the Enterprise Standard plan. With unlimited Gdrive storage (+ teamdrives).

You're welcome.

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it's not up to you, but i really appreciate your kindness in helping me/us.

this is the link we have in italy to consult pricing for google

enterprise requires to contact the selling team to have a pricing, and I think that it depends on the number of users, may I ask how many users do you have at 17€/month per user? I will try to contact them and hear what they propose.

500TB is quite an impressive amount...

Only 1 account/user.

I repeat myself again:

Sign for or migrate to any plan you want, then, in your Workspace account migrate to the Enterprise Standard plan.

You don't need to call anyone.

I hope someone with more experience than me can provide help.
I have 1 account\user with Google Suite Business; I pay 9.36 €/month; it says UNLIMITED space and I use more or less 8 TB.
Google is emailing me to migrate from Suite to Workspace. I contacted the Google support and they suggest to buy 2 new Workspace Business Plus for 2 x 5 TB = 10 TB at the cost of 31.2 €/month.

I am warried.

So, from the Admin page of my account I had the opportunity to read that there should be some kind of "unlimited" with Enterprise Workspace and it will cost 17.30 €/month.
Is it thrue? or there are some limitations?

Gotta be the "kidding day" :slight_smile:

Sorry i'm French and I can read English but not Italian :frowning:
BTW: GSuite is evolving to Workspace, so prices and TBs too - #98 by Aerya

What is in the red circle says "unlimited archive space".
So I am just asking to someone who, eventually in my same conditions, already did the transition to Workspace Enterprise, can confirm that I should not have problems with my 8 TB and maybe up to 10 TB

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Thanks :wink: Plz see one of my accounts example above.

Wait please... seems you have the answer for me, but I can not understand clearly :slight_smile:
The problem is that if I try to move by myself from GSuite Business to Enterprise, you can see in the red circle that it says "unlimited". But..... BUT..... if I open the Google Terms and Conditions page and scroll down to Enterprise Standard (the one for 17.30 €/month) I read that ".... customers with 5 or more users will receive 5 TB multiplied by the number of users in the subscription....with eventually additional space asking in a reasonable way to Google while up to 4 users there will be 1 TB for each user"
This sentence is quite different than "unlimited".

So what can I expect to have if I checkout in the GSuite to Workspace Enterprise wizard?

Im on workspace enterprise for me its 20$usd a month (unlimited storage) I have around 30tbs in there for 3 months now. + team drives also if your into that.

may i ask something?

I have gsuite business and i have my data on teamdrive if i switch to Business Standard my data will remain? and how is the space limit on teamdrive?

i understand for Business Standard my gdrive is 2TB x users i have on my subscription..
is that right?


Yes, you are not loosing your data.

Yes, this is correct. GSuite Business and Workspace Business Standard have, in this moment, the same pricing (here in EU).

i spoke with support and says that if i get business standard i will have 2 TB and Teamdrive will be 2 TB and not unlimited.. so i must go to enterprise standart i think

Thank you for your suggestion, I just did the transfer from Gsuite Business to Workspace Enterprise Standard and it's working, drive allocation is the same as before only the price is bit higher. But it's still UNBEATABLE :wink: