Gsuite: --drive-shared-with-me not working when used in config


I have the following setup with gsuite:

  • two users (user A and B)
  • user A has shared a folder (not teamdrive) to the other user B (confirmed working without crypt).
  • the shared folder is a crypt,
  • both users have working access with rclone to their respective personal space

So, lets say user B adds the crypt to config:


shared_with_me=true (<-- notice this)

As described for google drive configuration per net:

Only show files that are shared with me.
Instructs rclone to operate on your “Shared with me” folder (where Google Drive lets you access the files and folders others have shared with you).
This works both with the “list” (lsd, lsl, etc) and the “copy” commands (copy, sync, etc), and with all other commands too.
Config: shared_with_me
Type: bool
Default: false

As evident on the example config, it's added. Testing it with the following works:
rclone --drive-shared-with-me lsd shared:/some/path
However, it does not work when added to configuration file. I expected this configuration to allow me to discard the flag at command line invocation.

Further, lets say the crypt has a some nested folders. Adding the "path" to the remote section in configuration does not work:

shared_with_me=true / false (doesnt matter)

I can only get it to work with the root bucket. Is this intended behaviour?

edits: im typo master and formatting noob

The shared_with_me needs to go in the drive config so the remote with type = drive. You might want to make a new one so you can use it with and without.

That should work - but note you've got a stray " on the end of the line.

Ahhhhhhh, that explains it :smiley: Many thanks! This resolved both problems

EDIT: this solves first problem. Adding "path" to the remote section in configuration does not work (reproducible error) with drive shared with me.

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