Google - Team drive to Crypt team drive

Hi everyone,

First message!
So i have my crypt team drive mounted, and i have a remote drive mounted.

I need to copy everything (a few TB’s) to the crypt drive.

  1. Will the copy be from team drive to team drive with the VPS only doing the encryption?
  2. what is a good command to use to avoid or at least increase google limits?
    I prefer not to limit the speed but i saw somewhere, increasing simultaneous uploads?

You don’t need to mount anything to copy it.

You can just rclone copy remote1: remote2

and just use a bwlimit to reduce the bandwidth so it doesn’t go over the 750GB daily limit.

That’s the easiest way to get the data copied from one to another.

I read somewhere that i can use google cloud to do it,without getting API banned. is this true?
I am assuming , normal vm with rclone?

The VM is irrelevant as a Google VM has the same API limitations as any other VM home, remote, etc.

The Google VM would be faster since it’s all happening at the same spot so to speak, but with 750GB limits, it really doesn’t matter much imo.

You could use a very small / cheap Google VM if your local bandwidth wasn’t fast enough.

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