Google Team Drive SA keys switch during a sync

Google has a limit of 750GB per day I know you can bypass this by using/rotating SA keys however I need do this for very large files 1-2TB in size. How would I basically change an SA key whilst in the middle of a transfer.

Is it even possible to pause a sync mid file, change SA keys and continue where it was left off or would the file just get corrupted/rejected by Google? I'm thinking it would be good to create a script that runs every hour that pauses rclone, changes the sa keys and then resumes the service.

Short answer no, as you can't resume transfers.

My understanding is that if you are moving say 1 file that's 1.2TB, it'll finish but block you from uploading more. Unknown if it is another 24 hours or what, but from what I've read, it should finish.

I am curious to know your results too. Ha.

Do they still limit you after uploading a 750GB file? to like <10mb/s

Not sure they ever did that.

You hit your quota, you can't upload anymore.

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