Google Team Drive file limit reached


Didn’t realise there was a limit and now I have a log full of these:

Failed to make directory: googleapi: Error 403: The file limit for this Team Drive has been exceeded., teamDriveFileLimitExceeded

Google support says the limit is 250,000 files and folders.

Is there a limit on standard drives?

And is there an easy way to move my files from the team drive to a regular one?


I don’t know!

I’m not sure if rclone copy teamdrive: drive: will do a server side copy or not - I think it won’t as the remote names are different. It may be possible to make it work somehow, though there is a limit on that maybe 100GB / day?


Thanks, I’ll give rclone copy and rclone move a go and see how we go.

I should probably figure out why there’s so many files and maybe try to prevent them from being backed up

So I foolishly used two gsuites user accounts to upload 4TB of data to a team drive. Now I want to move it to the my drive of the main user. but
Rclone copy without Rclone Browser

Just got burned by this error:

How to use dedupe on gdrive correctly?

Really feel your pain.

After a week of running rclone move we just gave up and switched on regular backup sync over the Christmas break. Everything was backed up by the time we got back haha

rclone move did seem to do a server side move (I think) and definitely worked, but ran into the rate limit a few times