Google Shared Drive to DropBox

So, did you hit limit? Do they now automatically add more spaces?

So far they have been adding a TB or so when I get within a few TB of my limit. Sitting at 11TB available 3.3TB free right now. Have gotten no "we're adding space" emails since the first one. Seems to be pretty automatic.

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Ah, that’s a relief.

AS an update... at 26TB it stopped auto-expanding and rclone copy did fail due to no space available. Hit them on chat and 5 minutes later I had another 20TB. We'll see how it goes as I move more stuff over.

Does make me wonder with google workspace on some levels promising to increase capacity for reasonale requests if the process will be as easy/automatic as what Dropbox is doing. Like anything with google workspace we just don't know.

A similar thing occurred here at 28 TB no more auto expansion. I've yet to contact support but I shall try the chat in a second.

You should've asked them, why it wasn't automated.

Ask them about auto expanding.