Google rate limiting: To wait or not to wait?


Let’s assume you have thousands of big files. You hit Google’s rate limiting when transferring files across two remotes.

Is it better to just let Rclone keep copying at a slower rate over days (assuming at some points during the days the 24hr ban is lifter, until rate limiting is hit again) or stop Rclone and wait for the rate limiting to be lifted?

I assume that if you restart the transfer after 24hrs, Rclone will have to check already existing files, which adds to the api calls and is more likely to trigger the ban again?

Just let rclone run at low speeds.
I have this running for weeks:
rclone --tpslimit 1 --bwlimit 8.5 copy 1: 2:

Yes, can be a good option

Does their rate limiting work based on account or based on client?

For example would running 1 job at home and 1 job on a server have a higher total allocation?

Google don’t disclose how the rate limiting works, but if you asked me to guess I’d say there is both types of rate limiting.