Google Drive to Shared Drive - Server side move no transfer info

So I just ran a server-side MOVE command to move files from google drive to shared drives. I've been testing my command for the past few days and everything seemed OK. Until now that've actually started the migration I'm seeing weird transfer logs:

Transferred: 0 / 0 Bytes, -, 0 Bytes/s, ETA -
Errors: 2705 (retrying may help)
Checks: 9090 / 9090, 100%
Deleted: 1
Renamed: 973
Elapsed time: 50m4.3s

Errors are not the problem, since that is related to files owned by people outside of the domain. I'll be running a COPY command afterward for that. The issue now is that I'm not seeing any info on the amount of data transferred, ETA and speed. Files are being migrated, as far as I have been able to test it. But I'm not getting any info during the migration.

Additionally, Deleted is set to 1 (or more for other transfers.. did rclone delete something??) and Renamed: 973 (or a different number), what does that mean?

my command
rclone --drive-impersonate move "gdrive:folderA/" "SharedDrive A:Folder" --drive-server-side-across-configs --progress --create-empty-src-dirs --log-level INFO --log-file folderA_upload_move_log.txt

what was in the log file, that should tell you...

It just tells me that files are moved server-side, so that's ok.

2021/03/26 20:30:13 INFO  : filename.jpg: Moved (server side)

What I am missing is the speed of transfer, the total amount of data transferred, etc.

Also, I've just also checked the log for that deleted file and file says:

2021/03/26 20:51:14 INFO  : filename.pdf.docx: Deleted

I did not ask it to delete that file, I'm wondering if this means that that particular file is trashed in the source? ... No other info available since I'm running it in INFO log level.

the move was server-side, there is no transfer speed.

was that file in the source or dest?

next time run the command with --dry-run and a debug log.

You mean transfer speeds are not available when doing server-side move?

Source, since destinations are all empty

that is correct.

about that file,
is it exists in the dest, then rclone does not need to move it
so rclone deletes the source file.

DEBUG : file.txt: Size and modification time the same (differ by 0s, within tolerance 100ns)
DEBUG : file.txt: Unchanged skipping
INFO  : file.txt: Deleted
INFO  : There was nothing to transfer
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That's an interesting one. I've just re-read Move command documentation and it indeed says that, though I must say its not as clear as you have put it here.

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