Google Drive slowness

Someone suggested to me to have a look at Google Drive as part of Google Suite in order to leave Amazon Drive.
Since Amazon is no more unlimited, G Suite seems to be OK for me (4 TB NAS to be backup to somewhere in the cloud).

So I registered for Google Suite.

I can not understand why rclone is syncing slo slowly on GDrive.
It happens expecially with small files (photos 5 MB - 10 MB each)… it runs quickly for some seconds… then seems to stops… then restarts and so on.
Uploading to GDrive using their web interface can use the total bandwidht available, but with rclone is a nightmare.

Tried running from Win 2016 and Ubuntu, same story.

Did you make your own client_id? Rclone’s built in one is rather oversubscribed and Google have refused to give me any more quota.

Once you have established a need, then you can ask for more quote for that.

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with my own client ID things are going a bit better… anyway far from to use the full bandwidht (20 Mbps updload)

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you can always do something like zip or image your small files into one large file.
gsuites has both a limit of 750GB per day and a limit of roughly 100files per minute maximum even for extremely small files.
last time nick answered this question he indicated rclone’s built-in clientid was not that badly overtaxed. I’ve held off asking for my own client id, and I think I will continue to. Even with the slowdowns, I’m still able to hit my 750GB per day limit, which there is no way around anyways.