Google Drive shared folder quota

Hi there, using v1.49.5 right now.
I am trying to copy lots of stuff to a share folder:

rclone sync /media/marketingshare/ --log-file /tmp/rclone_gdrive.log --tpslimit 5 --drive-shared-with-me marketing_gdrive:Marketing\ Drive\ v2/00_Released_Content

I am using user x, which has permissions to edit, that works fine.
But the files should by owned by user y, which is the owner of the root directory.

That's because user y has a lot more storage...

Any idea?


I think you'll have to upload using user y if you want the files owned by them.

There may be a way of changing ownership of files using the web interface - I don't know.

Thanks for your reply @ncw
I might otherwise try and switch licenses so that user x has 200GB...

The bad thing is, one cannot change ownership recursively on G Drive...

Best regards

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