Google Drive server side copy slow?

Is google drive server side copy supposed to run at about 2MB?

Seems crazy slow

All about network peering.
Try starting more transfers at once --transfers=10
If it happens to be that you are transferring more then one file

Do you mean you are copying things from drive to drive, eg

rclone copy gdrive:a gdrive:b

That is what I would call a server side copy?

That’s exactly right.

Upping the numbers to 10 got me up to about 8meg.

Topic from a while ago, but I experience the same problem. I am averaging only 290 KB/s, it was many many MB/s a few months ago.

Command used: /usr/bin/rclone copy google:root backup:rootbackup -v --no-traverse --min-age 15m --log-file=/home/user/rclonebackup.log

EDIT: crap, I know what I am doing wrong, I should copy from backup:root to backup:rootbackup, dumb!