Google Drive + Rclone

well, have you tested that the webserver can serve the files in gdrive?

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I have mounted drive and point a domain there and upload some files on server side and also can see that files on gdrive, and domain is working and playing videos, im bit confused here, when i will upload any file on mounted drive that means that file not belong to my server right? and if that is playing, thats means its playing from google drive?
can i share my domain in private msg?


  • if you upload a file, the file is copied to gdrive, not stored on local.
  • if you play a file from the webserver, the file is streamed from gdrive to local.
    the webserver thinks that the file is stored at /www/wwwroot/drive
    that is the beauty of rclone mount , make gdrive appear as local storage.

does nothing on a rclone mount, read the documentation

--vfs-cache-mode full enable the rclone cache

we can work on that if you want.

well, i see that you already did that.
i watched the video, that landscape is beautiful and the music is good.

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any benefit for using encrypt? or its just encrypt data?

any hints i will ask my server guy to help me but need some hints to explain him,

Thanks you so much you are such a nice person, i was seeking help since many days, you made my day,
Thank you soo much again

it encrypts the data stored in gdrive.

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lets try please just want to see how this work,
instead of tmux can i use screen?

sure, did you know you can donate to the rclone project, to help the primary author, @ncw.

i assure you that i do not financially from any donations.

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yes, you can use screen.

need to create a rclone remote to store the crypted files.

  1. on gdrive, create a new root folder to store the crypted files, call it whatever you want.
  2. make sure you can see it using rclone lsd rClone:
  3. tell me the name of the folder.
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yes i can see that folder

need to create a rclone remote for the crypt files, as documented here

for remote> remote:path
change remote:path to rClone:silip

for everything else, choose defaults.

no matter what, make sure to save the passwords!!!

imho, once you test the new crypt remote and it is working, backup the rclone.conf file.
if you lose the rclone.conf file and do not save the passwords, you can never decrypt the files ever!

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@asdffdsa Please help me to add SSL, i read the doc but fail to understand, your way to explain things are best, so please help me with this issue also,

Thank you so much

Sure, tho I am not sure what you are asking me

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@asdffdsa SSL issue was solved, i though that is related with rclone but i was wrong, Thanks
Now im trying to Configuring Systemd, i created a file with name gdrive.service inside /etc/systemd/system, then
systemctl enable gdrive.service
systemctl start gdrive.service
Below is my file code

Description=rclone for gdrive_mount

ExecStart=rclone mount --config=/root/.config/rclone/rclone.conf gdrive_mount: /www/wwwroot/drive --daemon --allow-other --poll-interval 10m --vfs-cache-mode full
ExecStop=/bin/fusermount -u /www/wwwroot/drive


But its not working not sure where im doing wong,
Please help me like always, thanks a lot

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this is bit complicated for me so i think i will use screen,
anyway thanks alot for so much help

sure, perhaps try cron

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how often? every min? 5 min or 10 in ?

once at boot time, using @reboot