Google Drive - Phantom Copy and another question

Is there a way to do a copy without actually copying the file?
If you are on the Web Version not Google Drive, you can press (on Windows) Shift+Z to add files or folder to another locations.

Like that:
I got an image called paris.jpg. I want it in a year based folder and overall event name heard folder. So I press Shift+Z and do it. So it is in this two folders at the same time:

Same can be done with folder. It is the same file. If I move it to the bin it getting removed from both locations. If I wanna remove it from one location I can press on the file/folder and press "info" and you see every location where the file/folder is present.

The other question is, can rclone create folder structure from file data/filename?

I need to reorganize 11TB of Data on Google Drive. I'm a photographer. I can do it manually but it would take years.

I want a structure like that:
/images/website/(A-Z structure)(websitename)/(modelname)/(setname)/(images)


/images/model/(A-Z structure)/model/(setname/(images)

For date structure it should use the date created or modified. Both are same.

The other two should read it from filename. The structure is like that:
Example: picasa-markus brosch-Wood Cutter_023.jpg

Is there a way? Very high expectations :slight_smile:
If rclone can't do something like that is there a external program that can do it?

I though maybe if I use a external program if there is something which can do what I think of, I could do a manual "copy" with Shift+Z to a Process folder where it can move it. Shouldn't be big problems because I can mount the GDrive so any program can do it but I don't know which.

I hope someone can help me out or reference me to something.

This what is known as a hardlink so the file appears in both locations. Rclone doesn't support making hardlinks yet.

Not directly. Rclone has some useful tools you could use, eg rclone lsf or rclone lsjson to get the input to a script, but I think you'll need a script or another program which does it.

Alright. I created a Feature Request.

I use exiftool to do it. It is slow because one file per second but it makes the job.

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