Google Drive --fast-list helpful with limits?

I have a large Shared Drive & I'm wondering if using --fast-list is helpful to use to not hit any of Google's API limits or would it increase the requests?

I'm not sure but it seems that I the alert more quickly:
NOTICE: too_many_requests/: Too many requests or write operations. Trying again in 300 seconds.

I have set up my own Client ID & in Google Cloud under APIs & Services I do not see any limits hit ... but I probably don't know where to see what limit I'm hitting.

If you follow the template and post all details than somebody can try to figure out why you hit API limits.

That message looks to be from Dropbox not Google Drive so not sure raising Google's limits would be helpful...

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@Animosity022 that makes more sense as I am migrating back from Dropbox.

dropbox is basically unusable nowadays you are not doing anything wrong. use tpslimit 12

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