Google drive download quota changed?

I have noticed the last few days that I reached the download quota before hitting 10tb. Unfortunately I was doing too much at the same time to have any exact data, but for me it looks like its reduced to around 3-5tb. Anyone else noticed the same?


What settings do you use to achieve such high data volume

Small files and many comparisons will reduce the speed considerably.
Use a custom API.
Then just push --drive-chunk-size and --transfers as high as you memory and cpu allows.

Can you write how your rclon – settings are…?

Here is one of the ones I’m using:
rclone sync --log-level=INFO --stats=5m --checksum --max-size=99G --drive-use-trash=false --transfers=100

Transferred: 60.645 GBytes (205.801 MBytes/s)
Errors: 0
Checks: 12988
Transferred: 24
Elapsed time: 5m1.7s