Google Drive change polling and cache invalidation


@talisto - thanks. I was trying with a file and that was working. I forgot that issue with directories was still open. Thanks for pointing that out!


Thanks, I was unclear what the exact issue was that was fixed in the beta 12 days ago.

Does anyone have any tips on mitigation for this issue? Is the only solution to manually expire the parent directory when a new subdirectory is added outside the mount? Or is it possible to lower some of the other mount cache times and not be largely impacted when a cache-wrapped backend is mounted?


I don’t hit the issue as I stopped the rclone copy piece and just use the cache-tmp-upload to handle all my items moving to my GD.


How do you manually expire dir?


If you are running the with the -rc option, you can use something like this:

rclone rc cache/expire remote=/TV/Someshow

Plex with rclone mount - possible to auto update/partial scan?

If you are using it for plex there is a plex_autoscan script that can help and handle the cache expiration when a new show/movie is downloaded from sonarr/radarr. That is what I use to get around the issue for tv show/movies for now. For stuff not from radarr/sonarr I just manually expire the parent cache or manually create the directory.


this mornings beta has a fix for this. Just laoded and so far seems to be working. Thanks to all who worked on this. testing some more today.


You have @B4dM4n to thank for that :smile:


Thanks @B4dM4n. Seems to be working very well.