Google Drive auth link not working

Trying to create a google drive remote on my VPS.

I've tried both auto config & remote setup and neither work. simply fails to load the page & this is the error I get when copying the link when choosing 'N' to select remote config:

What am I doing wrong?


Well I just tried it on my laptop and remote config worked. Not a big deal, but why is it not working on my desktop pc?

That looks very strange! Missing client_id means somehow the redirect went wrong. Have you got a local firewall on that box maybe?

Nope, it’s a fairly new vps so haven’t got around to that yet.

Just seems odd it works on my laptop but not on my main desktop pc. It’s on the same network and everything too.

Anyway, not a big deal… Just glad it works in someway! lol

OK! If you can figure out what happened then let me know!