Google Drive - Attempting to locally copy without adding duplicates

I am relatively new to rclone. I hope I can explain the situation well enough.
I am currently copying locally from within Google Drive.
The main folder is added to my drive, and I am simply copying locally to another folder.

Movies/all movies listed
TV Shows/ all tv shows listed

However, I added letter folders (A, B, C, ect) and moved the files to their respective folder, to make it a bit easier on myself.

TV Shows/A
TV Shows/B
Ect ect

When I run -rclone copy, it's copying everything back over, because it's obviously not looking for or scanning those letter folders I added for duplicates and content already there.

My question is, is there a command to force rclone to scan those new letter folders, so duplicates won't get copied over?
I tried "--ignore-existing", and "--exclude", at the end of the command, but to no avail.

Again, I hope I explained this well enough. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks!

There's no magical way to do that unfortunately as you changed the paths of the files. You can either fix the destination to match the source by moving things into the proper folders or delete the destination and let it recopy things back up.

Best bet would be to mount the remote and just do it via move commands so it all happens via server side.

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