[Google Drive]A software i can't remember. Need help

I used to get sizes of team drives and folder using a gui software. I dont remember its name but all i can remember is i used it when i was exploring rclone and other stuffs a year ago.
Please help so that i can calculate how much data i have to copy before team drive start disappearing :frowning:

ig it looked somethiong like this

Are you asking about Windows / Linux?

rclone ncdu might be what you want.

it was for windows

no it was full gui based software which can calculate TBs of folder size in an instant

Perhaps a Windows user will stop by and might know as I've never seen/heard of what you are talking about in terms of rclone.


this software can get the size of a remote or folder.
can use RcloneBrowser

yes it was RcloneBrowser. Thanks a lot

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