Google Compute setup walkthrough

Looking to set up rclone on a VPS to keep some folders synced between Google Drive and Dropbox. The folders are already in both places and currently synced, just want to automate the process of keeping them synced moving forward. Bandwidth needs aren’t high.

I see Google Compute mentioned a lot on the forum, anyone have a basic walkthrough for people who haven’t used any VPS before?

Or if there’s any other VPS that’s a better choice for newbies?

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Its pretty straightforward. You'd just spin up a instance (micro is free) and run rclone just like you would anywhere else. There really isn't any extra setup just to keep two remotes in sync. That being said if you're going to keep a google remote and a drop box in sync, you will pay for network bandwidth used the copies to/from dropbox. That can get pretty expensive. If you're looking to keep two google remotes in sync, that would be free as the data never leaves google's net.

So, I will get IP & root user/pass just like traditional vps?

And what do you mean by micro is free? Google giving vps for free?

The login is a bit different. You'll click a button and it'll log you in. You get a nat ip address not publicly accessible unless you add a public IP address. And the "micro" instance is free but it's tiny in cpu/memory.

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Ah.. nice.. but if I don’t get the public internet how am I gonna setup/download rclone? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

You can connect with a console. And even setup ssh after that if you like. The IP just isn't public.

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