Good way to sync lots of files to ACD

Hey! I was just hoping someone could take a look at this command and let me know if it would be alright? I have about 15TB of data ranging from 1MB to 40-50GB which I would like to upload to ACD but when i tried it, it had a lot of “too many request” errors (probably becasue the small files are uploading quite fast?) which are somewhat concering because i’m not sure if the files are being uploaded?

I would be just using this:

rclone --stats 3s -v --timeout=2m copy DATA acd:

or should I just this command?

rclone --stats 3s -v sync DATA acd:

Also, is there a good way to use rclone sync on this large dataset for future sync purposes? I will be removing items from the server but would like for them to remain on ACD. Is this possible?