GnuPG Backend Idea

A GnuPG backend could be useful to sign files you upload on the fly, and allow the option of verifying signatures on file reads. It could include a command to provide if a signature exists, and, if so, information about the signature.

So like if you have a remote abc:, and you uploaded a file 123.txt, it would look like this:


Indeed, I'd even go further if this is implemented and also provide an option for encryption using GnuPG. I know the rationale behind not using it for encryption was that key management is then a huge issue and there might be a loss of data. But it might be okay if it's tucked inside advanced options or something? idk...thoughts?

It would be difficult to support PGP encryption as rclone wouldn't know how large the unencrypted files are without an index.

Seeking in encrypted PGP files would be tricky too I think.

Having a signing file on the side would be possible though.

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