Getting error when running rclone script. "Command move needs 2 arguments maximum" help please

Hi, I am creating a script to run on my seedbox that will automatically transfer files. I fairly new to this so I have been gathering information and piece mealing this thing together. Here is the command im running.
if pidof -o %PPID -x “”; then
exit 1
if find /home/path/Completed/* -type f -mmin +1 | read
rclone move /home/path/Completed Media:Downloads -v --no-traverse --min-age 5m --log-file= /home/path/bin/rclone.log
I am getting this error message when I try to run my script manually:
Command move needs 2 arguments maximum

Anyone know what might be going on? Thanks!!!


i didn’t check your complete script, but you made a simple mistake by using = and a following space, should be:
rclone move /home/path/Completed Media:Downloads -v --no-traverse --min-age 5m --log-file /home/path/bin/rclone.log

Try it!

This was it! Thank you!