Getting 'bad record MAC' on copies from Drive

I am getting errors when copying some large files from Google Drive down to my local machine. These always present in the log like:

2019/02/11 12:07:10 NOTICE: Some.Directory/Some.Filename.ext: Removing partially written file on error: local error: tls: bad record MAC
2019/02/11 12:07:11 ERROR : Some.Directory/Some.Filename.ext: Failed to copy: local error: tls: bad record MAC

Usually rclone automatically retries and works successfully the second time and this doesn’t happen with every file. Sending files to Google Drive from the same system never produces this message the other way. Any ideas what could cause this?

What is your rclone version?

v1.45 - I will move to v1.46 but I usually like to leave updates out in the wild for a week or so to make sure there’s no major issues surface.

Should have mentioned also that system is Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

That seems to be pretty current as most of the issues were with old versions that I saw.

What OS?

Sorry - it’s Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS.

It’s a Hetzner box with i7 4770, 32GB RAM.

Hmm, this is the only thing I saw semi relevant, but not sure as your versions are pretty current on everything.

You could try turning off the networking stuff and see if that helps.

@ncw - any thoughts?

Thanks - I did see that thread when I searched but all of the results I got were with issues uploading. I have uploaded everything successfully from this box (over 10TB) without an issue - whether smaller uploads at full speed to larger uploads over the course of a day bandwidth limited to 8.5M.

When copying today I used parameters:

–bwlimit 50M
–stats 30m
–stats-file-name-length 0

and the files I wanted were selected using --include filters like “/Path/To/Directory/**”.

edit: I’ll try the httpsget in the thread you linked to see if that works.

This error indicates that a TLS packet got corrupted. We’ve seen this a few times before and I’m pretty sure it is to do with a bad ethernet card driver or bad hardware rather than anything else.

It is either that or a bug in Go’s TLS implementation. There don’t appear to be any relevant issues.

Would a debug log help if I can recreate it tomorrow? I would be inclined to agree about bad driver or hardware if this was happening when uploading too but I can’t reproduce that.

If you can make it happen reasonably reliably then it would be worth investigating further.

I don’t think rclone logs will cut it though, but I’m not 100% sure what would.

It would be worth going through the issue above and trying the things mentioned in that issue.

i posted abeta of rclone compiled with the latest go compiler go1.12rc1 on that issue for you to try too.