General Question on RClone Copy

Good Morning all,
Yesterday I kicked off a copy of File Server Data to a Google Drive folder. Given that it's a lot of data, of course the copy is still ongoing. Once that initial copy finishes, If I were to run the same rclone copy command again, would I get duplicate data or will it just copy over files that have been changed?

I found out that there were files that were being used on our file server after my initial copy so I was going to run the copy command this weekend when there are no users accessing the share to make sure the correct files have been uploaded. I am hoping because most of the files are already uploaded, it will just detect the ones that changed and upload those without giving me a duplicate of everything.

Hope that makes sense. Thanks!

when you posted, you should have been asked for some information?
" Doesn't transfer unchanged files... Doesn't delete files from the destination."

and if you are not sure what a command will do, then

based on your previous posts, the server is windows, correct?
if you are concerned about files being modified after starting rclone,
read my wiki

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