Gdrive to Gdrive backup, fastest way?


this my link for business advanced: (copy and paste, do not click)


(shit, I forgot VAT)


That’s without VAT? Haven’t checked what the price would be in my current location. Still with the api limit though.


2x Intel® Xeon® CPU E5-2670
64GB Ram
6x nvme ssd disks in raid 10 ( stripe+mirror)

I bought used server like 2 years ago for around 700€ without SSD’s.

atm: Streams: 12 streams (4 direct play, 8 transcodes) | Bandwidth: 79.6 Mbps (WAN: 79.6 Mbps)


Someone finally gave me an answer on Dropbox forum and In short for unlimited API calls you’ll need to upgrade to enterprise. Minimum of 10 licenses etc.