GDrive - Set File permissions

Is it possible to set permissions to all/some of the files that are currently in google drive?
GDrive has options for the following File/Folder permissions:

  • Edit
  • View
  • Owner

More specifically is it possible to change owner of all the Files/Folders recursively using Rclone?



It says here GDrive supports LinkSharing, but I couldn’t find any way to do this using rclone.
Would appreciate any help.


Not via rclone at the moment. Rclone generally expects all the permissions to be the same.

If rclone could set permissions for Drive objects atop what it does now, then @ncw would be up for a Nobel Prize.

Nonetheless, a useful open source tool to change permissions / ownership* in Google (via CLI) is GAM. GAM has some high-impact potential and a steeper learning curve than rclone, so use it with great care.

*As I recall, to change ownership in Drive you would need to use GAMADV-X which is built off GAM but is 'advanced, extended’. You may find helpful.

Best of luck!

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