GDrive over ftp

I copied my GDrive with rclone. Now I like to access this GDrive via ftp over rclone. How can do it?

You can try

rclone serve ftp --user username --pass password GDrive:

Then you can access it via FTP on localhost:2121 with username username and password password

Check rclone serve ftp -h for more info.

That’s doesn’t work he says error unknown flag - - user.

I put the ftp on a dyndns address with haven 4567, maybe I can my GDrive also somehow from the outside. then reach

internally I get the GDrive under rclone serve http Drive: reached, I would like to reach it externally under my domain as ftp.

Works for me

$ rclone serve ftp --user username --pass password drive:
2019/01/20 21:42:22 NOTICE: Google drive root '': Serving FTP on localhost:2121

Do you have a public IP address? Port forwarding FTP is a bit tricky.

yes I have. Http works fine but I see no directories in this only in ftp

Can you paste a screenshot or something so I can see what you mean?