Gdrive mounted on a ftp server

Oh i forgot to mention... i dont use rclone for ftp. i already have my ftp server installed. so i use rclone only for mount my gdrive. I don't know if it makes a difference. And thx a lot for your help very appreciate :slight_smile:

gdrive supports polling.

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Tell me if I am wrong, but --dir-cache-time=192h means that the cached/scanned directories are cached and not rescanned again (instead every X mins), changes are of course noticed.

The polling option sets how often it will be rescanned.

If I am wrong, then I can learn from it :slight_smile:

But I see really better performance and a low # of api calls.

I have 20x Remotes à 5TB (= 100TB) -- wrapped in a Union --- and active encryption + encrypted folders & filenames.

hi, not at expert at polling.

only if rclone makes the change
if a change happens in gdrive, that will not get noticed until the --poll-interval interval expires.

as i understand it, the remote is not scanned. individual changes are noticed.

a re-scan only happens when

  • --dir-cache-time interval expires.
  • on demand using rc vfs/refresh

Yes, asolutely - your are right.

But a two-way data exchange is much more complicated... wow, yes.

In this case I didn't mentioned that I meant just a ---one way --->

Root --> rclone --> remotes (GDrive/OneDrive/...) ---> Union --> Encryption --> /mnt/cloud --> SeaFile

And there is no problem with dir-depth/filelengh because SeaFile saves data in data blocks.

Interesting thesis ...

... I really can't tell you - and storage-cloud, big data is really not my department :wink:

But would't it be the best way to "recognise changes", catalog them, creating a kind of "map" and then to save this (data-)map to minimize the latency?

It would be really interesting to hear what the developer say.

i think that is what rclone does, via polling

Good team-work :slight_smile: Yup, this makes sense.