GDrive, files in trash

Hello rclone people,

how is the trash of the google drive working for mounted crypted gdrives?
I checked it out and saw that some gigabytes of crypted data are in my trash.

Why are they there? Will all files i delete within rclone mount be directly deleted or will they go to the trash?

I dont remember deleting this amount of files/folders (maybe i did), can data be moved to Trash without being deleted by me?

Edit:Ok, figured out how to list the files and that i really delted them. What is the recommended way to restore them if needed? Thought, the google website just let me see the crypted files with just a “restore” link without info where to restore.

Kind regards

Not sure there is a ‘good’ way to deal with encrypted contents as you don’t know what they are easily.

You can restore them via the Web GUI.

I empty my trash pretty much every night as I only have media that can be replaced.

# Daily Empty GD Trash
13 3 * * * /opt/rclone/scripts/rclone_cleanup
[felix@gemini ~]$ /opt/rclone/scripts/rclone_cleanup
[felix@gemini ~]$ cat /opt/rclone/scripts/rclone_cleanup
# RClone Config file

/usr/bin/rclone cleanup GD:

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