Gdrive files getting flagged

is there anyway to prevent google from hash checking my files, i use rclone to move files from local to my google-drive. some of my files get flagged on uploads.

Use the crypt backend to encrypt them?

but then will i be able to set the files to share with everyone? flagging only happens when i set the files to share with everyone

You can still share but they'd need to decrypt them. Your didn't mention that. Without changing the hash (changing the file) I'm not sure how you'd accomplish that.

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sharing will flag it unless you change the hash / upload it as a password protected compressed file or
if its a video you can mux it to a different container or change anything which would change the hash but this will be a irreversible action unlike compressing it where the user can just decompress it

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it is videos, how do i do that?

Do what exactly? If you want to use crypt, then you'd do the crypt backend

If you're asking about MUX, there's many tools to do that. ffmpeg is one on linux.

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