Gdrive: Delete files that are DMCA-flagged

It would be very useful if we had the ability to delete files that are flagged for copyright infrigments by using a flag (I'm bad at naming things so can't suggest any names)

Example of what a flagged for copyright file looks like
Link to the file (you can only download it if you're added as manager to the shared drive that has said file, if someone wants to do some tests, dm me a gmail address and I'll add you to the drive so you can see the file):

You can almost certainly find these using an advanced search in the drive web interface. The API docs may be helpful too.

I just finished reading both links, I don't see any properties of the file object that refers to if a file has been flagged as dmca.

Can you use the API explorer:

And get the returned JSON from the troublesome file - that might have something interesting in.

You can use rclone lsf -F ip drive:path/to/file to get the ID of the file.

It just returns the basic stuff

"kind": "drive#file",

"id": "1-aUH17k7ItqrTRKhO9gVaXdIKkEcG_F-",

"name": "GRIP [0100459009A2A000][v0].nsp",

"mimeType": "application/octet-stream",

"teamDriveId": "driveIDhere",

"driveId": "driveIDhere"

I think this flag could help detecting these kind of files (as long as you aren't the owner of these files because only the owner can server side copy these while managers of the shared drive can see and download and Content Managers and below can't even see them)
Taken from

It would be relatively easy to ignore all files with canCopy not set. I don't think it is something I'd put into rclone permanently (too specialized) but it would be not too hard to patch it in. Fancy having a go at that?

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