Gdrive Cut & Paste

I have Rclone configured to my gdrive and mounted locally. Im looking to move a load of data from one folder to another. I know by copying the folder it will go against my 750gb daily limit as it will first download and then upload to the new folder. I have no real need to copy the data though i just need to move it from one folder to another , will this still go against my daily limit if I simply cut and paste it ?

It really depends on the OS and what cut and paste does.

I'd just use a command prompt and just move it.

If it server side moves, it does not count against quota.

thanks for the quick reply :slight_smile:
im using linux and just opening a pane and doing the usual right click cut and then pasting n the folder i need it to be in .It seems to be moving it to quickly to be copying anything so i can assume its not going against quota?

That's probably a safe assumption.

You can validate if you write out an INFO log as you'd see something like:

2019/12/09 11:09:13 INFO  : hosts: Moved (server side)

It will say Moved server side.

brilliant ! thanks for your help and quick replies :wink: