GDrive cryptcheck 500 error


i have copy some files to GDrive (crypt) and if i run the cryptcheck i have some errors in the logfile -> “Error computing hash:failed to read nonce: bad response: 500: 500 Internal Server Error”.

I have run cryptcheck several times and every time i have different files in the log.

During copy i have no errors.

I have play with --low-level-retries and --checkers togehter with cryptcheck because i think to many request at the same time but it dont help.

Any idea?

Thanks and regards

Ubuntu 16.04 LTS HWE
Rclone 1.36
VDSL 50/10

rclone copy “/path/to/files” secretgd:folder -v --stats 5m --log-file /path/file.log
–checksum --max-size 15G --transfers 6 --bwlimit 0.95M

rclone cryptcheck “/path/to/files” secretgd:folder --log-file /path/cryptcheck.log

That is an error from the server.

Nothing much rclone can do about it except try again.

If it was different files each time you ran cryptcheck then I’d say all your files are OK at least. Increasing low-level-retries should help I would have thought.