GD read performance / caching

Hello everyone,

this is not about a serious problem but something i noticed since i am using mounted rclone remotes to feed my media server, mainly plex, and especeally when lots of smaller files are involved like it is the case with my music collection.

My library holds over 100,000 entries right now and everytime i need to rescan for new entries i consider not doing it as the process takes so longand would prevent other libraries from being updated.

I found some older posts here where people are using google drive ocaml-fuse tand according to their reports get quite good results, e. g. reported by @Animosity022 somewhere in 2017.

Is this still a setup that would be worth trying? This is how my current mount looks like:

ExecStart=/usr/bin/rclone mount
--dir-cache-time 96h
--drive-chunk-size 32M
--vfs-read-chunk-size 128M
--vfs-read-chunk-size-limit off
GD:/ /mnt/GD

So from my vague understanding of all that file system stuff i assume that something need to be cached to improve listing / refreshing database performance. But actually i have no idea where to start here. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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