GCS remote is getting created for with Application Default Credentials (IAM) based auth but config/create response shows 500 error

Hello Experts,

I am trying access GCS bucket with gcs remote which uses ADC based auth to access bucket.

I am running rclone (in remote control mode) in k8 pod which runs on google machine and setup with service account IAM.

Tried to create remote with below inputs:
POST url: http://localhost:5572/config/create
"name": "gcs-remote-mi25",
"type": "google cloud storage",
"parameters": {
"provider":"google cloud storage",
"bucket_policy_only": "true"
"_config": {
"env_auth": "true"

Remote is getting created in rclone config :
/data # rclone config show gcs-remote-mi

type = google cloud storage
provider = google cloud storage
bucket_policy_only = true

And if I try to use this remote to access bucket , it works fine -
/data # rclone ls gcs-remote-mi:/o9dl-gcpgt10083
7 sampledir/sample.txt/sample.txt

But issue is remote creation (http://localhost:5572/config/create) api responds with 500 error (though its creating remote in config)

Error body :
"error": "config failed to refresh token: failed to start auth webserver: listen tcp bind: address already in use",
"input": {
"_config": {
"env_auth": "true"
"name": "gcs-remote-mi25",
"parameters": {
"bucket_policy_only": "true",
"provider": "google cloud storage"
"type": "google cloud storage"
"path": "config/create",
"status": 500

Looks like during remote creation its trying to create access token y opening browser etc.

How can I tell Rclone not to go for access token and just use application default credential way?

I see " --gcs-env-auth" option which looks to be the solution, but did not understand how to use it in my rcd mode config/create request

Any suggestion is much appreciated.


not an expert but google cloud storage does not have provider.
tho, the odds are rclone ignores that.

@asdffdsa you are right, since aws s3 needs that we are passing that for all 3 clouds remote.
Rclone ignores that field for GCS/ADLS as per knowledge

I think I got the answer for my issue.
I am using rclove version 1.57 and "env_auth" option is introduced only in 1.62 !

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