G Suite - Transfer from 1 account to another

Hi all can someone tell me whats the best way of transferring Rclone encryped files from one G Suite user to another.
I have made another account just for plex, So want to transfer my encrypted folder from my main account to the plex account.

Use the free $300 Google Compute Trial.
Just stay below 10TB a day in transfer = bwlimit 100MB to prevent a 24 hour lockout

Also note that if you’re going to use the same encryption key, you don’t need to decrypt it from the source and re-encrypt it on the destination. I was able to just rclone copy old: new: and use the same encryption key on the target (where old and new are the NON-encrypted rclone configs).

I will be using the same key.
Thought there might of been away of doing it in google a bit like the share option but to transfer. Still only got 18TB so should not take too long