FTP password generator

Is it possible to generate a password for FTP? It will be convenient for those who use the following construction
rclone --config=<path_to_conf_file> ...

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not sure what you are asking for?

I wrote above what design we use to transfer files to FTP. The config file we use is not the one that the Rclone generates in the process of adding new storage. We created the config file and put it in a special folder on the web server and when starting Rclone we use the config path and then the standard commands.

For the test (tested on a Windows machine), we simply transferred the settings for connecting to the FTP from the generated config file to our file. But when transferring the project to the battle server, our parameters for connecting to the FTP will change. Then we can open our config file and enter new data to connect to the FTP, but we cannot enter the password. We know the unencrypted password for FTP, but as I understand it, Rсlone needs an encrypted password, because in the process it will try to decrypt it, otherwise it will not be able to connect to FTP

You can use rclone obscure PASSWORD to generate the encrypted password necessary for the config file.

You can also set passwords in the config file with

rclone config password remote: PARAMETER PASSWORD

The fact that the program for generating the same password produces different lines is normal, should it be?

That is normal yes - the encrypted password contains a random nonce at the start

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