FTP failed with 7 errors and: march failed with 6 error(s): first error

Latest rclone is throwing this odd FTP error, which doesn't seem to be an error at all if completion is 100%:

ERROR : Attempt 3/3 failed with 7 errors and: march failed with 6 error(s): first error: write tcp 192.168.1.X:XXX->81.81.81.X:XXX: wsasend: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. Transferred: 159.089G / 159.089 GBytes, 100%, 70.923 MBytes/s, ETA 0s Errors: 7 (retrying may help) Checks: 2718 / 2718, 100% Transferred: 1767 / 1767, 100% Elapsed time: 37m54.5s

Is there a way to prevent the error(s), or can they simply be ignored?

When you posted there was a template that helps us help you. If you can fill that out, that would be great.

That might be a firewall closing the connection or your ISP.

The sync didn't complete properly - the log would help us to see why.

Still testing as the behaviour is somewhat inconsistent.

It seems as though it depends on the time it takes to list, compare and then attempt to transfer files to a directory. The huge directories containing tens of thousands of files seem to time out and close the FTP connection. Conversely, those with far fewer files (thousands) list a LOT faster and therefore the transfer begins in under 10 minutes.

As I recall, there is no FTP --timeout option in rclone?

You can control rclone's timeouts with --timeout and --conntimeout, I don't know about your FTP server though that won't be under your control.

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