FR: let --delete-empty-src-dirs delete folders containing excluded files

New feature request - when performing a move, the presence of excluded files (–exclude or --exclude-from) should not preclude the folder from being deleted by --delete-empty-src-dirs.

Perhaps a new flag for this specific purpose? --delete-empty-src-dirs-withexclusions or something?

What is your use case for this?

I’m a bit concerned that it might lead to arbitrarily large amounts of data being deleted which might suprise the user.

My use case is moving folders from my Mac… i use —exclude-from to exclude .DS_Store files from being written on the cloud side, but since these are left behind after the move, their presence prevents —delete-empty-src-dirs from deleting the otherwise empty folders from the Mac

I can definitely see this being a dangerous flag in the sense that it could cause heaps of undesired data loss, but if it were a separate new tag that might help?

Can you write up a new issue on github with your use case in and we’ll see what we can do! Or maybe you could help implement it?