[FR] Add option to automatically create remotes for all team drives and put them all under a union remote

Other programs that connect to Gdrive show all team drives without doing any additional setup. (Official Gdrive app, nplayer, etc.) Since rclone can already detect all team drives in the config phase, and there is already a union remote, it should be quite easy to add an option to add all teamdrives automatically and merge them under a new union remote.

How does the official Gdrive app show the team drives?

I can imagine making a synthetic directory structure which would look like this

  • drive
  • shared-with-me
  • trash
  • teamdrives
    • teamdrive1
    • teamdrive2

It's pretty similar to what you propose. They use the name "Shared Drives" for the team drives.
It'd be great if this could be implemented. :slight_smile:

It would probably be easiest to implement this as a different backend where each of the sub drives was a different drive backend...

That makes me think it could be a general purpose fs expander which could show lots of different drives...

How would you expect to see the shared drives shown? By name? I think they can be duplicated though can't they.

I personally don't have any drives with duplicate names, so I was thinking of that. I think duplicates can be solved by adding numbers after their name ("DUP.1", "DUP.2", ...). I can't think of any other naming scheme that just works out of the box.
On the subdrives being backends; If rclone automatically adds them, that's great. But currently you need to add them each manually which is not a smooth process.

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