Force overwrite to avoid directory listing


I’m trying to optimize uploading of changed files to B2 repo by reducing number of transactions to B2. I already know exactly list of changed files so I’ve tried to use something like this:

rclone copy /mnt/backup b2:bck-test --files-from files_to_copy.txt

Since I already know list of files to uploader I want to tell rclone somehow to avoid all checks. As far as I see now:

  1. For --fast-list rclone tries to get whole list of files on remote (~NUM_FILES/1000 transactions)
  2. Without --fast-list rclone queries non-recursive file list on parent directory for every file.

Is it possible to avoid both? Just upload and return error if it’s not possible should be ok.

Hmm, in a remote like drive, you absolutely have to recurse though the parent directories to find a given directory. That isn’t necessary for b2 of course. That is why rclone does that though.

If the updates tend to cluster in a small number of directories the overhead will be reasonably small.

I think rclone would need a new primitive or flag to be more efficient still.