For google suite account, gdrive, better is own client_id or build in rclone?

for google suite account, gdrive, better is own client_id or build in rclone?

I’d say your own since then you aren’t wondering if you’re hitting global limits. You can also request a per user increase of your own limits to 10,000 per 100/s instead of the default of 1000. I never hit my limits anymore…

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Odd, the limits on my API dashboard are listed as:
Account: 10,000 per 100s
Per-User: 1,000 per 100s (which I’ve requested be increased)

Where do you see per 3s?

Sorry was doing it from memory.

Queries per 100 seconds per user 10,000
Queries per 100 seconds 10,000

Thanks for this thread ! Support upped to 100QPS and no more 403s :grinning:

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Did you have to apply for the higher quota? My max Queries per 100 seconds per user is 1,000. But my Queries per 100 seconds is 10,000.

yes (fill for 20 chars)…

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Did you have to tweak your Plex Scheduled Tasks to disable some of the I/O intensive tasks? Or does 100QPS cover it? It seems those are most likely to trigger the 24h ban.

I don’t bother with Plex. I use kodi and others.

The problem with Plex isn’t the API calls. It’s the download quotas.

@ncw “Making your own client_id” section on needs update since it’s a bit different now but most importantly when you enter your own client id and password on rclone config it can’t do the authorization when the browser is opened a Google message is saying is not an allowed redirect domain something like that, even if you allow from the credentials of API Manager.

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so why service operator told me that he will update me only to 4000 from 1000?
he wrote that he is
upgrading my per-user-100 QPS from 10 to 40 (4000)

what specifically should i tell him to give me 100?

Hello, I had 2 unlimited Gdrive accounts that have just been disabled this morning for no reason.
An account of about 1TO completely encrypted, and another empty account that I did not have time to operate properly.
I do not understand the reason they worked almost 2 months without any problems.
Performance level they are well above my ACD accounts.
Someone has already succeeded in finding accounts that lasted longer?

where did you buy them?

ebay :

thats why

google bans it now, so you have to have own gsuite or maybe

but i dont know yet about above

btw you hijacked my topic which was about smth different :slight_smile:

Thank you for your return, and excuse me for having gone astray: /