Folders not showing

I just restarted my computer but I didn't unmount my HDD now that I'm trying to reach my file...there's no file!!!!!

I used the "ls" command in terminal but it shows this:

ls: reading directory '.': Input/output error

by the way, I'm new to kali -_-

can somebody please help

Can you please show the full log?
It would probably also help if you add
so we can get debug output of the problem.

Please also add as much of as you can of all that other information that the forum asked you to provide when you made this post. It is not just there to annoy you. We need that info to help you :slight_smile:

You used to use rclone mount to access the files, but now they do not even respond to "rclone ls MyRemoteName;" ? Is that correct? or are you using ls on your mounted location?

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