Folder modified date GDrive "Script"?


I see that GDrive (crypted) doesn’t modify the date of the folder if you upload a new element inside this folder.

For example, folderA, date: 2017-06-20 17:45

If you upload today one item, it remains at 2017-06-20 17:45

Is there any way to do some script that “touch” the folder and change the modified data?

Or another way… is there any way to make it recursively, I mean, it changes the date of ALL the folders inside? Maybe with some script that go one by one for all the folders


I just did similar the other day. Ymmv

rclone lsl /data/Media/Videos/Movies --include="**.{[Mm][Kk][Vv],[Aa][Vv][Ii],[Mm][Pp]4,[Mm][Pp][Gg],[Mm]4[Vv]}" 2>&1 | awk -F’ ’ ‘{ORS=""; print “touch -m -c --date=”"$2" “$3"” “/data/Media1/Videos/Movies/”; $1=$2=$3=""; gsub(/ /, “”, $0); print $0"\n"}’ | awk -F’/’ ‘{print $1"/"$2"/"$3"/"$4"/"$5"/"$6"""}’> ~/moviet.txt

Thanks a lot for your reply!

What exactly that do? Touch all the folders? All the files?


You’ll need to maybe modify for your case but it will look for any mkv,Avi,etc in a folder and then take the time of that file and touch the directory. My use case was there was only 1 mkv/Avi/MP4 etc per folder. IDK if it will work for what type need but at least it’s a start.