Folder has wrong names and --ignore-existing doesn't seem to work


I’m currently syncing very large files to OneDrive. And I have two questions.
My Command: rclone sync -v --ignore-existing /mnt/Toshiba/Stuff1\ (Stuff2,\ Stuff3\ etc.)/ OneDrive:/Remote --log-file=upload.log

for some reason Rclone adds plus signs where spaces are supposed to be.
Local foldername: This is a folder
Local filename whithin the folder: This is a filename.mp3
Remote foldername: This+is+a+folder
filename whithin the folder: This+is+a+filename.mp3
Why is that?

For some reason the --ignore-existing flag doesn’t seem to work on me. I double checked the files and they are defineteley on the remote server.
At least within these “Plus”-Folders what rclore created.
And when I needed to shutdown my raspberry they would be uploaded again.

What can I do? Where is my mistake?