Find out ACD location and if it's worth it? (Still fast after trial?)

Hi Everyone,

Does anybody know how I can find out where my Amazon Clouddrive storage is located? I read that there are location in Virginia, Germany and maybe more… But I was wondering how I could find out what location my ACD is located.

Hope that anybody has a idea for this.

Thanks already :slight_smile:

Depends on your OS. If your are using Linux, you can use iftop. Just start an rclone copy (or anything else) and open iftop, it shows your connections.
Mine is now ***
So its eu-west.

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This is what I see when I run iftop:

This means that i’m in the US right?

I currently running on a trial and so far very happy about the performance.
I’ve read that some are having performance issues after they paid for ACD.

Even read that the performance took a nose dive after the payment for a year ($60).
Anybody here that has the same experience?

Please let me also know if you don’t have any issues. Currently trying to figure out if it’s worth it.

Mines been fine for my use case of providing a rclone mount to a http server for streaming KODI data. Been on it for 1.5 years.Tried Google and kept getting 24 hour download BANs. ACD is my best/cheapest option right now. YMMV

Oke, i’m on the trial now and using Plex. So far so good. 8TB data on it.

Just for your information: I am from Germany and opened up my ACD via After some experimenting i found that the settings via the webinterface were in english. So i used iftop and found i was using the US Servers. As i suspect that the EU Servers are probably faster for me, i contacted the amazon service. They offered me to cancel my US ACD and open up a “german” ACD. But they said, they cannot move the files… As i was just playing with it, it was fine for me, but i dont know if you really want to reupload all your 8TB.
Perfomance is fine for me.

That is no problem I can upload it again.
But can you tell me how you managed to get a German ACD? I figured that most be a lot faster for me.

This sounds interesting to me since I prefer Kodi. Do you have more info on this setup?

I can write more detail if you want but I have a local Linux server with a unionfs that sits on a local FS and a remote ACD encrypt FS. I then have nginx webserver compiled with DAV. I point multiple kodi Android boxes to the https/davs nginx server. They can read and write to it because of the DAV component. Works great.

On the unionfs I keep new content local and age older stuff on ACD so ACD is a superset of what’s on local invade I lose the drive.

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so do you guys think it’s worth it moving my files from Us server to EU server? i live in Germany and my files are on a amazon US server. playback is good but far from perfect. i have over 35tb of files and already started moving them but it takes a lot of time. so if there’s no real performance enhancement afterwards i could just stop this process. thanks for your help

That’s perfect, thanks!

Before Rclone I was using Kodi + FireTV + NAS.
So the fact that you’re using it with Android is exactly what I was hoping to accomplish. Thanks!

I opened accounts from both UK and Germany.
They are both working on which is located in Ireland (