Filters and directories


I can’t quite figure out the documentation. I made a nice backup to ACD. All good.

Now I want to copy back one directory, but I don’t want to type the whole thing out, but I can’t make the filters work for directories.

rclone --include “/Jimmy*/” amazon:/home/user/data/ ./

after becoming frustrated with my inability to interpret the documentation to do what i want, I copied the whole directory name, which is an absolute pain on ACD, but then it copied all the files inside, without creating the directory.

rclone “amazon:/home/user/data/Jimmy has a long directory name” ./

The syntax for including a single directory is --include "/path/to/directory/**"

If you just want a directory the easiest way is to use the path to the directory - you need to name the directory as the destination though - rclone syncs copys directory to directory

rclone copy "amazon:/home/user/data/Jimmy has a long directory name" Jimmy

would be what you want to copy everything into a directory called Jimmy.

Hope that helps