Filtering with per-directory filter pattern files

Hi rcloner's,

I would be nice to be able to define filter rules with directory-local filter pattern files, so as rsync does it with ".rsync-filter"-files which can be placed in any directory, and get included as soon rsync traverses that directory.
For me, this would greatly simplify setting up filter rules. For example, if I got some directory with several video files and I decide to no have them cloned, but without excluding videos globally, I would just create a local filter pattern file and add a "- *.m4v" (or whatever).
Right now, I need to specify the complete directory path in a centralized filter pattern file.

Are there any plans to implement this ?

I think you'll find an issue about this somewhere!

Not currently. However we are always looking for volunteers if you'd like to help?

Well, I will not rule that out totally, but time is precious, let's see.

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