Filter not working?


I am running rclone 1.45 on Windows 8 and having hard time trying to make filters work.
The command I use is
rclone.exe --filter-from filter.txt sync C:\ target:/

filter.txt contains:
+ “Users/me/Documents/**”
- *

However when I do a dry-run I see in the output
2019/02/17 16:28:38 DEBUG : Users: Excluded

Dumping filters gives me
— start filters —
— File filter rules —
+ (^|/)"Users/me/Documents/."$
- (^|/)[^/]
— Directory filter rules —
+ (^|/)“Users/me/Documents/./$
+ (^|/)"Users/me/Documents/$
+ (^|/)"Users/me/$
+ (^|/)"Users/$
+ (^|/)"Users/me/Documents/.
- ^.*$

Am I doing anything wrong here?

What are you trying to accomplish?

I understand using --filter-from for my simpliied version does not make much sense.
In fact I was trying to back up Documents directories for more that 1 user, e.g.
+ Users/me/Documents
+ Users/someoneelse/Documents
- *

So you are trying to backup just the Documents folder on each user? I don’t use Windows I think the paths look like:


I think you can use something like:


Can you share the output of the directories and I can test?